Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition is free for existing owners but…

Metro Exodus, the semi-open world romp through post-apocalyptic Russia that struggles and gains from leaving the horror-filled tunnels of the Moscow Metro behind, is now a couple of years old. The next Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition may be just the one thing you skipped for the first time, or if you’ve taken up a beefy new video card since then and want to put it in its speed.

The Enhanced Edition introduces a “completely ray traced lighting pipeline” to the game’s already-impressive graphics, including advanced ray traced reflections and support for DLSS 2.0 on NVIDIA hardware, “which promises clearer image information and improved framerates and display resolutions.” Because of the comprehensive redesign, developer 4A Games stated that it would be published as a standalone game—existing copies cannot be patched over.

The good news is that current Exodus owners will get the Enhanced Edition for free, but the bad news is that ray tracing isn’t an option: if your card doesn’t help it, you’re out of luck. Existing saves from Steam, Epic, and GOG can be shared between editions (but not those from the Microsoft Store, as their save files “are encrypted in their cloud solution per-product”), and a “chapter unlock” function would enable players to skip forward to later levels without needing to replay the entire game. The Enhanced Edition will not be available on Stadia or Amazon Luna, and there will be no Linux or Mac versions.

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