Minute of Islands, a strange and wonderful experience, is now available.

When Minute of Islands, the story of a tinkerer named Mo who dwells on a network of islands packed with odd inventions that keep an ancient evil away, was unveiled at the 2020 Guerrilla Collective, I was immediately drawn to it. It was supposed to be released later that year, but it didn’t happen, and a scheduled debut earlier this year was also canceled. But it’s not going to miss its newest release date, which is—surprise!—today, and it’s available now.

The launch statement also sheds more light on what Minute of Islands is all about. It takes place on a gorgeous archipelago that has been contaminated by hazardous spores for a long time. The only thing keeping them at bay are ancient antennas created by giants when they coexisted with mankind. With the giants gone and the machines malfunctioning, it’s up to Mo to repair the damage and preserve her islands. But she quickly realizes that not everything is as it appears, and the devastation is far more extensive than she could have imagined.

The vibrant graphical style initially drew my attention, but Minute of Islands also promises “an emotive, poetic journey of self-exploration” set in a unique, complex universe full of mysteries and environmental challenges. I’m a sucker for that sort of stuff, and I really like Studio Fizbin’s 2013 adventure The Inner World, so I’m excited to see what they’ve come up with here.

Minute of Islands is available for $20/£20/€20 on Steam, and there’s also an official website at minute-of-islands.com.

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