Necromunda: Hired Gun first patch arrives

Streum On Studio epitomizes the Eurojank developer, delivering ambitious yet flawed games that you find yourself enjoying despite their problems. The most recent is Necromunda: Hired Gun, a movement-shooter set in the Warhammer 40,000 setting that includes a grappling hook, many augmented implants, and a cyber dog. It was launched with a slew of bugs, including performance issues such as stuttering during map load and CTDs. I had a defense side mission where the last wave never occurred, and a rescue mission where the prompt to release trapped psykers didn’t display, forcing me to exit and restart the game both times.

Anyway, the first patch is here, and it’s done an excellent job. Voice volume has been boosted, so you should be able to hear what people are saying now (yes, a lot of the NPCs wear handy masks so their lips don’t have to be animated, but you should still be able to make out words), and missing sound FX have been restored. The issue with aiming down sights displaying a reticle that was offset from where your rifle was pointed appears to have been resolved as well.

“We’re still working on more time-consuming solutions, such as stuttering, FPS difficulties, and several other problems,” Streum On said. Stay tuned as the game continues to improve!” “Various fixes on opponent AIs” is one of the topics that is currently being worked on. Hopefully, this means that people will respond when you shoot them at range.

Here are the complete patch notes.

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