New Blood Interactive disguised five new games behind a trailer for many existing titles.

This year, New Blood Interactive will be returning at the PC Gaming Show to remind us of all the fantastic titles it’s working on. Fallen Aces, Ultrakill, Dusk 82, Amid Evil’s The Black Labyrinth expansion, Unfortunate Spacemen, Faith: The Unholy Trinity, Gloomwood, and a peek at Dusk modifications are all included in the sizzle clip.

However, there was small black-and-white interlude footage of additional games that New Blood has yet to unveil scattered in between each game in the movie. Take a look at the following five:

In order of appearance, I saw five things:

  • A top-down shooter
  • A Fallout-style isometric CRPG
  • A car combat game
  • A disturbing visual novel
  • A first-person axe chop

To figure out what’s up with these strange new games, I spoke with New Blood CEO Dave Oshry. He went on to say that all five games are actual things that the developer intends to produce and that a handful of them are already well on in production. That video that appears to be a top-down twin-stick shooter? “That’s something we’ve been working on for years,” Oshry added. He described it as “essentially Doom from the top down,” replete with customized levels and a bunny hop.

The Fallout-style RPG is also a genuine and dream project for Oshry, although it’s still in the early stages. “[Fallout] is my all-time favorite game, and it’s my favorite genre.” If it ever gets done, Oshry predicts it will take “like ten years.”

The vehicle combat game feels more lifelike than the RPG, but Oshry admits it’s only a gameplay prototype for the time being. That scary visual novel appears to be a Faith offshoot game that was initially intended as an April Fools’ hoax. “Inside, we call it the Doki Doki Mortis Club,” he explained. That’s not the final name, but that, together with the complete human arm extending from the figure speaking, tells me all I need to know.

Finally, there’s a scene in which a first-person character catches an axe. Oshry stated that this is an official VR version of Amid Evil that has been in the works for some time. He didn’t have much else to say about it at the time, but Amid Evil feels like the perfect match for VR, with loads of exciting melee weaponry and wide-open level design that’ll undoubtedly look fantastic to stand-in.

According to Oshry, the major purpose of these covert disclosures was to demonstrate that New Blood has a lot more going on in the future. “We’re teasing five new games in five different genres. We don’t want to be associated with outdated first-person shooters.” Announcing five games that aren’t FPSes sounds like a nice approach to do this.

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