New modding tools for Mass Effect Legendary Edition have arrived.

The Mass Effect modding community has been hard at work developing a toolset for the Legendary Edition, which will let modders go even farther in modifying BioWare’s RPG trilogy. Legendary Explorer, the toolkit, has recently entered public beta. “If you’re a mod user, be pumped, because you’re going to start seeing genuine package-file DLC modifications arriving on the Nexus very soon,” writes the @MassEffectMods Twitter account.

Though this isn’t the final and complete version of Legendary Explorer, and it’s “NOT YET STABLE,” as the Twitter account advises, a peek at the latest Nexusmods releases reveals modders (some of whom had pre-release access) are already making use of it.

Check out the DLC Timings Mod, which delays Mass Effect 2’s DLC missions until it makes sense for them to appear, or Conrad Verner Remembers, which fixes the bug that prevented Shepard’s fanboy Conrad from remembering you made the Paragon choice when dealing with him in the first game (BioWare gave him some dialogue in ME3 to explain his memory lapse, which is now fixed). Both are the creation of Khaar Machinima and necessitate the use of the Mass Effect Mod Manager.

And, sure, there are mods that modify the camera angles in Mass Effect 2 and 3 so that they concentrate on Miranda’s behind during her dialogue sequences once more. “Now you may enjoy the sight of this woman’s behind as she talks about incredibly sad and important topics, exactly as you used to,” according to the Miranda Butthsots Restored mod’s description.

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