No Man’s Sky major visual update incoming

It hasn’t even been two weeks since No Man’s Sky’s latest free update, which brought the Normandy ship from Mass Effect to your fleet. And Hello Games’ space exploration sandbox has already received another upgrade.

It’s called Prisms, and it’s a significant aesthetic upgrade for No Man’s Sky. Prisms has characteristics such as:

  • Rain that scatters light and makes objects appear moist and glossy
  • Cave lighting effects have been improved.
  • Fur for extraterrestrial creatures
  • Thousands of new stars strewn throughout the night sky
  • When you utilize your warp drive, you will notice new effects.
  • Interior lighting effects in ships and space stations

You may now tame and ride flying alien creatures now. What better way to experience new sights than from the back of a massive extraterrestrial butterfly? View the trailer for Prisms:

With so much new content to look at, No Man’s Sky’s picture mode has been improved, with improved settings for depth of field and bloom.

Keep in mind that some of the visual enhancements will be dependent on your PC’s specifications and whether or not you’re currently utilising Ultra settings. However, there is still a lengthy list of enhancements, including some welcome technological advancements such as screen space reflections (SSR), DLSS (if you have an Nvidia RTX card), parallax occlusion mapping, refractions for cockpits and glass base sections, particle effect upgrades, and more. 

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