Phasmophobia is joined by two new ghosts, as well as the return of Dirty Water.

Phasmophobia, the co-op ghost hunting/found footage horror/cheesy documentary simulator from Kinetic Games, has received a large new content update today, as well as the revelation that the sole developer behind Kinetic Games has hired two additional hands to assist handle the game’s runaway popularity. Last year’s early access release was a smash hit, frequently ranking on Steam’s top-sellers list and attracting a sizable Twitch audience for several months.

The latest version includes a map, the cramped and lackluster Willow Street House, and two new ghosts. The Yokai is a cranky ghost who dislikes it when players converse, therefore it may begin hunting much early in the assignment than other ghosts. The Hantu is an unpredictable creature that travels quicker in cold areas but slower in warm ones, thus keeping the electricity on is critical to your chances of survival. The spawn rate of these new ghosts will be quadrupled until the next update, making it simpler to return to view them.

Furthermore, the game’s infamous Dirty Water goal is returned—sort of. The goal is a Phasmophobia in-joke since it was so difficult to achieve, not because shooting a disgusting-looking sink is difficult, but because the ghost so seldom completed its job and filled a sink with muck. Dirty Water was deleted as of a goal in March, although it has since been reinstated as a daily challenge rather than a proper target.

A programmer and an artist have joined Kinetic Games and are currently working on the game with the original creator. In the face of the game’s success, Phasmophobia’s sole creator said last year that he was rethinking his Early Access timetable.

Rich discovered that, while horror games do not terrify him, the experience was unforgettable. “The finest ghost game ever produced,” he said about Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia is available on Steam, where you can also read the complete update notes.

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