Planet of Lana is a beautiful robot apocalypse

Every one of us has been there. You’re lying in the sun with your favorite kitten when a swarm of robots descends from orbit to wreak mayhem. Planet of Lana is an “off-world quest” about discovering and defending an unspoiled paradise.

Planet of Lana appears to be a platformer in the spirit of Inside or Limbo, albeit a bit less existentially scary. Rather, you’ll be exploring a rich, natural environment with your soot-black cat-monkey buddy, solving puzzles and evading both organic and non-organic enemies.

But it’s bloody wonderful, isn’t it? The way clouds and trees appear like they were splashed on with a paintbrush, grass flowing beneath impossibly blue skies, has a Ghibli feel to it. The game’s shop website also promises a plot that goes beyond your typical woodland adventure, with an interplanetary thread that spans decades.

Planet of Lana will be available on Steam in 2022.

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