Platinum Games has shown fresh Babylon’s Fall gameplay and information.

At E3, Platinum Games announced Babylon’s Fall, stating that it will be released in 2019. That obviously did not happen, and the game mostly dropped off the radar until July 2020, when Platinum informed us all that it is still on the way—though it didn’t have much more to say than that. During the Square Enix E3 Livestream today, we received a new (and more in-depth) look at it, including a new gameplay trailer and insights from the creators.

Babylon’s Fall is a “hack-and-slash type MORPG” (yeah, only one M, it’s not gigantic) that can be played solo or in groups of up to four people, with fully customizable characters and a “brushwork” visual style that Platinum describes as having a “medieval oil painting feel.” It’s being built as a live-service game, but it’ll also “include a variety of post-launch game modes at no additional cost.”

“You can enjoy Platinum Games’ fantastic action gameplay right away from version 1.0 on the day of release,” producer Junichi Ehara remarked. “However, one of the most notable aspects of this game is how regular updates will introduce even more action techniques that you may equip as talents, allowing you to play the game in a variety of ways.”

“Players can keep pursuing action as they work towards a never-ending objective. That is the basic notion of the game, in our opinion “Director Kenji Saito said. “Each level is set in a distinct area, with a formidable boss at the conclusion of each. You earn new equipment by fighting monsters or acquiring crafting ingredients. You then mix these to improve and personalize your characters.”

Unfortunately, no release date has been announced, despite Saito’s acknowledgement that fans are waiting for one. “True, it has been a while. They’re all wondering, ‘When will it arrive?’ ‘When will it arrive?’ “He said. “Even Yoko Taro has asked if Babylon’s Fall is still alive!”

“We are happy to finally be able to reintroduce the game to you all. We intend to make every effort as we approach the pinnacle of progress.”

That’s all there is to it. Progress is being made, and we may be getting closer than we think: A Babylon’s Fall Closed Beta Test occurred lately on SteamDB. A series of closed beta testing is also on the way, which you can join up for at

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