Rainbow Six Extraction has been re-released with a new gameplay trailer and cinematic.

Rainbow Six Extraction was re-released by Ubisoft at this year’s Ubisoft Forward broadcast, and the celebrations kicked off with a snazzy new cinematic trailer. Rainbow Six Siege operators like Sledge, Lion, Ela, and Vigil are seen in the teaser on a mission to defend Hibana from the Archaeons, Extraction’s zombie extraterrestrial enemy.

That’s all well and good, but Ubi followed up the gorgeous video with a full gameplay preview, which finally depicts how Extraction will play. In Extraction, we got our first peek at a typical mission, which included skulking across a map and eliminating alien undead (dubbed parasites) that came in your way. Unlike Left 4 Dead, which is primarily concerned with going from point A to point B, Extraction is more objective in nature.

Take a look at the gameplay overview below.

Ubi also revealed the eponymous “extraction” function, which allows teams to complete their mission before completing all three objectives in order to bank the XP gained thus far. It’s also difficult to notice the Sprawl, that black sticky substance that coats so many of the trailer’s rooms. When operators walk over it, they appear to slow down, although it can be cleared with gunfire.

Keep a look out for additional information about Rainbow Six Extraction.

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