Rawmen is a saucy third-person shooter with a name that does not lie

Rawmen sounds precisely like what it is, but it is not. I like your vivid imagination, but this is a family-friendly website. No, Rawmen is exactly what it sounds like: a game about completely naked individuals competing and enacting comedic violence on one another with the power of food. And here’s a brand new family-friendly trailer from the PC Gaming Show.

Splatoon-style, use an infinite pot of soup liquid to slide around the arena. By bouncing off large donuts, you can reach incredible heights. For me, food generally heightens the sensation of gravity, therefore I like the imagination Rawmen provides here.

Up to eight players compete across different modes including:

Claim Chowder: an area defense game where you defend a pot of clam chowder soup from the other team. Must be some good soup.

Team Meatball: It’s capture the flag except the flag is a succulent, oily ball of meat. You leap on that thing and roll with it like a savory katamari and into the goal. 

Top RawMen: King of the Hill, baby. Bounce around with donut bombs and collect precious bouillon cubes. Sounds like a Wednesday night for me. 

Boba Ball: It’s like soccer, except with guns. And the guns shoot boba balls. Which you use to move around a bigger boba ball. Rocket League is over. 

Broth Battle: Deathmatch. Destroy your enemies by ladling hot broth at them. Pretty grim, honestly. I dig it. 

The abundance of culinary puns here may throw you off, but Rawmen appears to be more than just a clever joke. This is a full-fledged competitive multiplayer game, albeit one that can be smelled through the screen. That’s a nice thing! I believe!

Rawmen does not yet have a release date, but it has certainly been in the works for some time. It appears to be in good condition. If you want a deeper whiff, add it to your Steam wishlist.

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