Redfall, a Left 4 Dead-style shooter with magic and vampires

We got a lovely surprise at the conclusion of the Xbox and Bethesda E3 showcase: Arkane Austin, the makers of Prey and Dishonored, are working on a new game that looks a lot like Left 4 Dead but with vampires and a dash of Stranger Things’ ’80s style.

We didn’t get to witness any actual gameplay, but you can check out the CG clip above. Redfall is the name of the game, and previous to its debut, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer stated that it is a game that can be played alone or with a group of friends (like L4D). The clip does give us a solid indication of how it will play out: A gang of four survivors hangs out at a destroyed corner store with an adorable dog-like robot in it. Not long later, we witness them attacking human factions with a variety of magical talents and firearms.

However, Arkane swiftly throws us a curveball as a gang of vampires attacks the party. View unique weapons such as a stake rifle that can impale vampires from a distance and a special weapon that converts one to stone. Again, Left 4 Dead is a clear influence, but special powers similar to those seen in Overwatch are blended in, which is such an obvious combo that I can’t believe anyone thought of it until now.

More information may be found at in the Redfall announcement: The game may be played single or in groups of up to four people, and it contains a roster of four distinct characters, each with their own personality, powers, and motives for fighting to safeguard Redfall.

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