Review OLD 2021

Old 2021 is about a family going on a vacation to as their parents want to settle out some issues. This film is a horror film by M. Night Shyamalan. If you’re familiar with M. Night Shyamalan you’ll be excited for this film as his story is always unique and full of surprises. This story starts when a group of tourists were sent off to a secret beach by the resort owner. After spending quite some times at the beach. They figured out that they can not get out of the beach. Anyone tries to get out will passed out. The next thing they noticed is that the time works differently at the beach.
This is where everything started to get crazy. Follow up by countless sinister events makes the audience questions what is actually happening. Will they manage to get out of the beach? To answer this question, you have to see this film for yourself.
Old is unique in its own way. The story is really something you definitely needs an answer. This daytime horror film will bring fear to you. The casts’ performances are something that we have to give applause as they did amazingly in this film. overall, 7/10. If you need something new to refresh your taste in film, try this piece from M. Night Shyamalan.

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