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A story about  Shaun (Simu Liu) who is living his life as a typical millennial teenager with his job as a valet. One day on a bus a group of assassins try to take something from him. From then, we learn the true identity of the New Marvel’s superhero, Shang-Chi. 

As an origin film, Marvel did an amazing job on giving us the details on how this powerful martial artist gets his skills. All the flashback scenes are clearly explaining his backstory and his relationship with the real Mandarin. The visuals of this film are gorgeous. One of the best CGI I have seen so far.

Let’s talk about how beautiful the choreography of the action scenes. If you’re a big fan of Jackie Chan you will definitely love this film as the action sequences have the similarities with the iconic Jackie Chans’ movies. One of them is using a jacket to fight and defend from enemies’ attacks. Next, the characters, I have to say that all the actors and actresses did a fantastic job delivering their performances. 

But not everything is perfect. The main problem with Shang-Chi is the main protagonist which is Wenwu, the leader of the Mandarin himself as a character. He doesn’t act as evil as the lore about him who had conquered countless nations and lived for thousands of years. Next is the small village which Shang-Chi’s mother came from. The environment created by the filmmakers is spectacular but it lacks the people living there. It doesn’t give the same vibes as the Wakandan Tribes from Black Panther. Finally, the final fight. The soul sucking creatures is horrifying to look at but doesn’t really showcase a threat to the village. Also the fact that Wenwu died to the Soul Sucking Dragon feels so unnecessary and a bit too reaching to get the audience to feel sad. 

Overall it is a very well made film by Marvel. They did justice to this film and more importantly to the asian culture. They did great with the probs, the set designs and the martial arts. There we go our new superhero to the MCU, Shang-Chi. I give a solid 8/10. highly recommended to anyone who wants to see a great Kung Fu movie with their family.

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