Rocksmith+ appears to be a fun method to learn to play the guitar or bass.

Ubisoft introduced Rocksmith+ at its E3 showcase, calling it “the next generation of music learning.” The original Rocksmith was a truly wonderful method to learn guitar/bass, but it’s beginning to seem a little dated—and if you don’t have the official Real Tone converter, you’re missing out on a lot of things.

The good news is that Rocksmith+ requires no additional hardware: all you need is an amp, which you presumably already have if you own a guitar or bass, and a phone. According to the rather twee teaser, you can also connect via cable, although it doesn’t delve into the mechanics of how that would work.

Rocksmith+ is a subscription service, as opposed to the original, which you would purchase like a regular game. Moreover, rather than having to purchase more tracks as DLC, your membership grants you access to a vast collection of licensed music from various genres.

All of this sounds quite generous, but Ubisoft has yet to specify how much a subscription would cost. Let’s hope it’s not too expensive. A comparable program, Fender Play, costs $9.99 a month, which may give us an idea of how much Ubisoft would ask us to pay each month for its interactive courses.

As someone who has been trying to play bass for almost a year, I’m excited to give this a try. Right now, you may sign up for a closed beta.

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