Rogue Spirit: Possess enemies and fight a demonic army.

My attention is drawn to the surroundings. I’m immediately captivated by Rogue Spirit’s bright world of Midra, which has a very Asian flair, just as I was to the initial pictures of games like Genshin Impact and Biomutant. Rogue Spirit, on the other hand, has more in common with Genshin Impact than simply its beautiful surroundings. Whereas Genshin allows you to swiftly switch between four characters, Rogue Spirit is all about physically inhabiting them.

Because of your death, you, the prince of Midra, haven’t been the prince for a long. However, Midra’s priests have summoned you to confront an army of demons attempting to take over your realm. Because you vanquished those demons previously, the priests picked you as a safe bet to rid Midra of them once more, and now you possess various foes without their agreement in order to combat those demonic pests.

According to the game’s Steam website, Rogue Spirit will allow you to control up to 20 distinct opponent kinds, each with its own combat style and powers, as well as explore 10 dynamically created stages representing diverse biomes around Midra. Because this is a roguelike, you’ll have to restart once you, well, die, but you may unlock improvements in between runs.

Kids with Sticks is a Polish game development firm, and this is their debut game. While the graphic design is evocative of Genshin, and certain bouts have the typical one-on-one feel of many a Soulslike, the fact that this is a tiny studio with a core crew of six people should help moderate expectations properly. Currently, this looks promising, but the animations could use some work, and it will be interesting to see if the game manages to stay fresh for multiple runs other than letting you control different characters, especially if you have to find and possess them first rather than switching characters ahead of a run.

If you’re interested, you can test out a sample for the game on Steam—no there’s a specific release date yet, but Rogue Spirit is expected to enter Early Access later this year.

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