RPG sandbox creation Hytale isn’t expected to arrive until 2023 ‘at the earliest.’

Hytale, an exploration, crafting, and adventure RPG has been pushed back from its original 2021 release date to 2023. Hytale creators Hypixel Studios revealed the delay in their summer 2021 development update, the first in six months.

“What has become increasingly clear is that we have several more years of development ahead of us before Hytale is ready to launch,” according to the update. “We don’t want to offer another anticipated launch date that ends up being wrong. However, we no longer anticipate to be ready to launch Hytale till 2023, at the absolute least, and it might take much longer.”

Part of the article was an acknowledgment to fans about the growing pains of merging Hypixel’s younger, larger staff following Riot Games’ acquisition of the company last year. This has slowed progress when new team members with new abilities joined, as well as expansion in the scope of Hytale itself

We were previously rather fond of Hytale, appreciating its funny, poop-flinging antics.

Along with the major revisions, the Hytale team shared information regarding combat modifications and enhancements, as well as opponent AI advancements. Some gifs explained those improvements, demonstrating the new sword and shield fighting style, as well as the mace combat style, before displaying a swords and shields conflict between a player and the AI. The new AI system assesses not just how the adversary fights, but also the AI’s own assaults. There’s also some information regarding character customization.

RPS, cheers.

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