Rust update adds Contact System, Tweaks AI, and Updated Wildlife

The open-world multiplayer survival games are now in a golden period. DayZ and The Forest are two of the most popular games in the category. Facepunch Studio’s/Double Eleven’s tough online environment Rust is another title that deserves to be included. The game receives frequent updates to maintain it in top form, and a new patch has been released that not only fixes the game but also adds some new features.

The “Contacts Update” was unveiled in a recent Steam post, which would not only improve Rust but also provide a new system that will allow players to keep track of folks they connect with while playing. This feature, dubbed the “contact system” (hence the patch’s name), will allow players to mark other players as either a friend or an adversary via the contacts screen in the inventory. The post also mentions that players who murder each other will be instantly placed on an enemy list.

Rust is well-known for its harsh surroundings and animals, and it was just ported to consoles. The island is teaming with furry NPCs who may be just as deadly as other players, from chickens that can be slaughtered and cooked to horses that can be ridden to bears and wolves that attack players. With this in mind, the latest update revamps the game’s wild creatures, with the developer acknowledging that the creatures in the game have “sucked for far too long,” thus models have been tidied up in the hopes of making them less of an eyesore.

The game might already be challenging, therefore there are a plethora of guidelines and beginning suggestions available to help new Rust players get started. Some people are troubled by the presence of AI human characters, some of whom live in abandoned underground tunnels and would shoot human players on sight. According to the Contacts Update, this AI system will be improved. While it is unclear whether this would make things any simpler, the Steam article states that it will be changed to a single AI system rather than many ones to make upgrading easier.

Facepunch Studio’s/Double Fine’s cruel open-world survival game is proving to be a popular one for PC and now console gamers, with reports that the game may receive DLC. For those who are interested, the update is now available on Steam.

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