Salt and Sacrifice is the sequel to Salt and Sanctuary, a ‘hardcore RPG platformer.’

The sequel to the 2016 popular 2D RPG Salt and Sacrifice has been unveiled by PlayStation Indies president Shuhei Yoshida during today’s Summer Game Fest Kickoff webcast called Salt & Sacrifice.

The trailer shows off some really stunning side-scrolling action while narrating the story of a convicted criminal turned marked inquisitor who hunts magicians in a strange fantasy realm. Graphically, it appears to be more sophisticated than its predecessor (which, by the way, we featured in our 2019 list of the greatest Souls-like games on PC), but the gameplay appears to be fairly similar.

Players will customize their inquisitor’s look, class (Highblade, Paladin, Assassin, Cleric, Dualist, Fighter, Ranger, or Sage), and crime, and then participate in the Magebane Rite, which will leave them in a condition of life or death. From there, they’ll prepare for excursions in Pardoner’s Vale, an inquisitors’ center, before embarking on adventures across towns, tombs, temples, and marshes, seeking for clues and hunting down more than 20 distinct sorts of evil magicians.

Salt and Sacrifice will allow singleplayer, drop-in, drop-out multiplayer, as well as multiplayer factions such as the co-op-focused Dawnlight Order and the player-killing Shroud Alliance.

The promo only mentions PS4 and PS5, but Ska Studios confirmed after the presentation that it will also be available on PC. It is scheduled to be released in early 2022.

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