Sam Barlow’s next game is a Hollywood thriller that spans decades.

The revelation of Immortality, a decades-spanning Hollywood mystery from Her Story and Telling Lies developer Sam Barlow, brought Sunday’s Future Games Show to a dramatic close.

Immortality, which was teased last year as being “ten times more ambitious” than Barlow’s most recent work, has been lurking on Steam in a deeply censored version as Project Ambrosio—hints only hinting to a plot that spans decades.

With the curtains drawn, Immortality shows itself to be the story of actress Marissa Marcel, a rising star who performed in only three unreleased films before disappearing completely. This teaser doesn’t provide much more, but based on Barlow’s prior games, I’d anticipate us to be searching through these buried films and papers to figure out what happened to Marcel and why these films were never released.

Mind you, Barlow claimed that Immortality would be larger than Telling Lies. To that purpose, he’s enlisted the services of several great authors, like Amelia Gray (Mr Robot), Allan Scott (Queen’s Gambit), and Barry Gifford (Wild at Heart).

Her Story is still one of our favorite games, a thriller described by our team as “having all the drama and intrigue of the great TV crime series, but playing to the interactive capabilities of the medium in a bold, inventive way.” I’m looking forward to seeing that wonderful blend of exciting storytelling and nonlinear design once more when we dig into the mysteries of Immortality in 2022.

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