Season four of Call of Duty Black Ops and Warzone is now out, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

‘Season Four reloaded’ is now available in both Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone, bringing a slew of new content, modes, and weaponry to the games. Mauer Der Toten is a new Zombies experience, Warzone has a new objective mode, a classic map is returning, and Blops multiplayer has new modes, among other things.

Maur Der Toten is a round-based Zombies map that, if you’re keeping track, takes place after the events of Outbreak’s Operation Excision. Your team is working for Colonel Kravchenko in exchange for their freedom, and the game is set in a war-torn Berlin that has been overrun by zombies. The area also features zip lines, a new ‘wonder weapon’ in four flavors, the usual slew of secrets, and the reintroduction of the Mule Kick perk, which allows players to carry more weapons.

Aside from the zombies, Blops Cold War multiplayer will feature the return of Rush from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, a 6vs6 paintball map. Later in the season, a new Paintball Moshpit mode will debut with its own playlist of paintball visual effects and impact noises. Today’s update also includes Capture the Flag mode, which we’re all acquainted with, though the assertion that its “roots derive from the very first Call of Duty multiplayer experience” piqued my interest.

There’s also a slew of cosmetic and store items, which are all detailed here.

Season Four also adds a new weapon for close-quarters combat to both games, with another on the way. It’s accompanied by the OTs 9 SMG, which is described as “Sacred among CQB Operators for its ability to deal solid damage at a high fire rate, the formerly-classified OTs 9 can be compared to the Bullfrog in terms of damage and fire rate (slightly more power and over 100 RPM more in fire rate), but with a smaller magazine capacity.”

Later in the season, a huge mace will be earned as a melee weapon, since why not, and the operator Weaver will be added (who has to be bought).

Warzone, for its part, receives a new objective mode Payload, which will be recognizable to anybody who has played Overwatch or TF2. The COD take pits, two teams of 20 players against one other, with the assaulting squad attempting to escort vehicles through checkpoints while the defenders attempt to stop them. There is a minor change herein that the defensive side can purchase and construct barriers that will stop trains on the tracks until they are destroyed.

The Sentry Gun, which has previously been featured in the franchise and is certainly present in Black Ops—Cold War, is a new killstreak that automatically shoots enemy players for roughly a minute before exploding. This will be discovered in red door room supply boxes as a legendary drop.

There will also be a time-limited ‘Blueprint Blitz’ event in which contraband contracts will emerge after completing two normal contracts. If you successfully extract the contraband contracts, you will be rewarded with permanent weapon blueprints as well as a large sum of money in the current match. Previous seasonal weapons will be among the awards.

Season Four Reloaded is now available, and the Black Ops—Cold War patch is 13GB without HD textures or 21.2GB with (though you’ll need “63.2-111.5 GB of additional hard drive space on the hard drive for the copying process; this is only temporary space that is reclaimed upon completion of the patch installation.” The Warzone patch is 9.2GB or 10.4GB if you also have Modern Warfare installed.

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