Second Extinction receiving crossplay and horde mode.

Second Extinction’s “janky co-op dino shooting has potential,” we remarked last year, although it could use a bit more time in Early Access. It’s come a long way in almost a year, and developer Systemic Reaction revealed the specifics of its largest update yet today.

Second Extinction, which was shown last year, is a co-op shooter in which dinosaurs recapture the earth, forcing mankind to haul ass and hole up in orbiting stations. They then send troops back down to the surface regularly to perform assignments and fight back against the dinos.

A lot is going on in the huge Pre-Season 6 update, including a new gameplay option dubbed Emergency Landing: Horde Mode. It is precisely how it sounds: Your dropship has crashed, and you’re stranded on the surface, armed only with a handgun. Fortunately for you, defeating waves of dinos—”hordes,” if you will—earns credits that allow you to acquire newer and better equipment, so death will not be instant. If you live long enough, you could win a position on the leaderboards (and some accompanying goodies), which will be available “soon.”

This is how it appears:

Sunetra, a researcher and support character who decreases incoming damage for squadmates and can release pheromones that induce adjacent dinos to turn on one other, will also be added in the update. The addition of Sunetra raises the total number of playable characters to six.

The upgrade will enable full crossplay across Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, and Steam, Epic, and the Microsoft Store, as well as in-game voice chat and matchmaking lobbies. Fallen opponents will begin to drop unique “augments” that offer characters additional powers and customization choices, a new wardrobe option will allow players to try on any item in the game without having to unlock them, and, of course, new contracts and prizes will be available.

The Pre-Season 6 update for Second Extinction will be available on September 30. has more information on the game.

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