Serial Cleaners demonstrates their own interpretation of Batman’s vision.

Even if it doesn’t technically make sense—and even if it didn’t begin with Batman—Batman Vision is a hallmark of the stealth genre, whatever you name it. Close your eyes and lean against a wall? Yes, you can clearly hear what the folks on the other side are thinking. We’re willing to suspend disbelief because of the genre: we want to play that game with our vision cones intact.

Cleaner-upper for serial killers on the way Serial Cleaners came to Twitter today to present The Cleaner Sense, their own take on the concept. I think it’s vital to be able to focus on your objective when there’s bleeding all over the place. In this case, you don’t want to overlook the forest for the trees. It’s also not a pure Batvision, including aspects of Stranglehold and the reaction mode from Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. As I have stated, the genre standard Batman Vision isn’t actually Batman’s, to begin with.

Serial Cleaners, a sequel to 2017’s similarly called Serial Cleaner (the plurals are crucial), debuted a teaser at this year’s E3. The visuals have been upgraded, but the idea remains the same: the mafia is carrying out hit after hit, and it’s your duty to clean up after them and dispose of all the evidence before anybody notices. Cleaner (single) was set in the 1970s, while Cleaners (plural) transports us to the 1990s, where the facial hair appears to be just as terrible.

The vigorous cleaning procedure is expected to be ready later this year, though no precise date has been set.

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