Serial Cleaners shows off the trouser hoover

Serial Cleaners is the upcoming sequel to 2017’s Serial Cleaner, a game in which you effectively play as the Wolf from Pulp Fiction. You enter bloody crime scenes, evade policemen crawling all over them, and delete evidence so that no one is implicated.

At today’s Guerilla Collective, a new gameplay clip showed off some of the covert creeping you’ll be doing, as well as the game’s lovely and slightly washed-out visual, which reminded me of Disco Elysium. The difference here is that after you’re out of sight, the dude pulls a hoover from his pants and begins sucking up all the blood. That’s absolutely hilarious.

The sequel is set in the 1990s (the first was set in the 1970s) and stars a team of cleaners, each with their unique set of skills: the individual featured in the trailer specialises in slicing up bodies and the aforementioned trouser hoover.

Serial Cleaners will be available on Epic, Steam, and GOG later this year.

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