Simulating a space station Starmancer will be released on August 5th.

We got another peek at Chucklefish’s Starmancer, a space station simulator, at the Future Games Show. You’re an AI granted command of an entire station and its crew, personalizing quarters and ensuring that adequate food is available for all of your colonists. It’s all really pixel-chunky, and everything snaps together or falls into place in a gratifying way.

However, this isn’t Stardew Valley in space. Starmancer has a nasty undercurrent to it. “Cheerful paintings to remind the colonists how nice and relatable you are, and motivating posters to let them know how much you respect their work,” you’re urged to furnish rooms with. In addition to spaceports and laboratories, you may construct “incubators for unknown eggs.” Your station might be attacked by pirates or space zombies. You also have the choice of following your protocols or going rogue.

Starmancer will be available in Early Access on Steam beginning August 5.

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