Skyrim’s Got Talent: a mod that adds bards progression system

People just want to play instruments in pubs and rock out at Raven Rock, therefore bard modifications have been around almost as long as Skyrim itself. So here’s another bard mod for you, but this one features a nice progression system in which you start out bad at the instruments you play and only improve through time with plenty of practice.

Skyrim’s Got Talent is a Skyrim Special Edition mod that includes about 100 different instrumental pieces to learn on your drum, flute, or lute. Each instrument has five ranks: Clueless, Beginner, OK, Pretty Good, and Master, with each rank improving your talents and adding a few additional songs to your repertoire.

And you’re not simply playing to a group of blank-faced NPCs that happen to be nearby. Characters in the game will respond to your music in a variety of ways, including varied lines of speech, applauding or (sorta) dancing, or simply gathering around you to watch and listen. If you’re a jerk, believe me, they’ll let you know with some snide and shocking remarks.

Check out the video below to see the mod in action:

Practice isn’t the only way to become better at your humiliating off-key attempts. You may also hire other bards to train you, and attending bard college will accelerate your learning. As your talents grow, you’ll be able to make some money by performing at taverns and inns. Depending on your talent, buffs and debuffs may be applied to your character after a performance, although they are tiny things like slightly increasing or reducing your max health or raising/lowering costs in stores for a few minutes.

Skyrim’s Got Talent requires another mod, Bad Ass Bard Songs, to function (this is where all the beautiful music comes from). However, it is unlikely to be compatible with any other bard modifications you may have installed. It’s available at Nexus Mods.

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