Space Punks is a co-op loot-shooter that resembles an isometric Borderlands.

Flying Wild Hog is best known for first-person shooters like Hard Reset and Shadow Warrior, but with its latest project, a top-down sci-fi looter shooter called Space Punks, it’s attempting something a bit different.

At the moment, there isn’t much information available, but Space Punks will follow the exploits of four eccentric characters who seek glory and fortune “by taking on lucrative missions on far-flung worlds against insurmountable odds.” It will also appear to be a live game, as Flying Wild Hog describes it as taking place in “a living, breathing, and the ever-changing game world—a genuine living game.”

The announcement clip appears to be an isometric spin on Borderlands, featuring co-op combat against swarms of monsters for up to four players in a cel-shaded, slightly silly sci-fi environment. The first figure seen in the teaser is even referred to as “the gorgeous one,” and although it might be a coincidence, he bears more than a passing similarity to Handsome Jack, one of Borderlands’ most well-known antagonists.

That isn’t technically a criticism, but it doesn’t appear that Space Punks will garner many marks for innovation at this time.

Jagex is publishing Space Punks, which will enter Early Access on July 14 ahead of a planned open beta this winter. Go to to sign up.

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