Spiritfarer Lily introduces a new character and more free stories content

Today the update for Spiritfarer Lily is available to start and celebrate three seasons of content for the game and 500,000 copies sold.

The Lily update will cover the plot of the heroine, Stella, as developer Thunder Lotus Games revealed earlier this year. Thunder Lotus needed to “counter the most popular feedback we have got since launch” and flesh out Stella’s own plot, and you spend most of Spiritfarer knowing others characters through Stella.

The studio says of the latest update: “Stella’s remembrance flourishes like a wonderful flower over her cabin. “These flowers contain butterflies that make up the butterfly spirit Lily! Stella’s new companion of spirit has been discovered to be an important character of his past; as she reaches the touching end of his adventure, Lily will help our hero recover a sense of life.”

The Lily update is now available on all platforms free of charge. An additional character, the spirit of Beverly, is presented in this summer in the Beverly update. Jackie and Daria, a caretaker and their patient, are adding a new case to the last update scheduled for Autumn. Between them there will be a medley of islands, boats and cosmetic delights, so if you come back to look for old friends or resume your adventure, 2021 should be the perfect time to play with Spiritfarers.

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