Splitgate’s most recent map is a tribute to the Unreal Tournament classic Facing Worlds.

Splitgate, the underappreciated arena FPS that’s like Halo if everyone carried around a portal rifle, is undergoing a complete overhaul. Not only is it coming to consoles with full crossplay compatibility in July, but three new levels are also on the way, one of which will be especially appealing to fans of the original Unreal Tournament.

A new showcase video from 1047 Games above provides an in-depth look at those three levels, as well as a sneak glimpse at the game’s improved graphics makeover (lots of pretty lighting). If you prefer to read, here’s a summary of all three maps that will be included in the July 27 update:

  • Foregone Destruction: An homage to the Unreal Tournament map Facing Worlds with opposing temples facing each other
  • Crag: A dingy, multi-level excavation site with wide sightlines up top and dense corridors below
  • Impact: A repurposed farm centered around a prominent alien ship with its own interior

I haven’t played Unreal Tournament much, but I can see why Splitgate selected Facing Worlds as the basis for Foregone Destruction. The simplicity of two mirrored buildings facing each other is fascinating in a pure arena FPS. Splitgate’s reinvention looks to swap out the rocky bridges of Facing World for the game’s characteristic portal walls in a smaller layout. The location of the portal walls strikes out here: no matter where you look, there appears to be a clear way to near-instant access to the opposing temple. Sniper rifle pickups are also likely to be found in any tower.

Crag and Impact, on the other hand, have a definite Halo vibe to me. Shotguns go well with Splitgate’s portal-enhanced mobility, so I’m looking forward to skulking about the depths of Crag as the snipers battle above.

Splitgate is still free to play, but the July 27 upgrade seems like a fantastic opportunity to give it a try if it’s been flying under your notice. That’s when it’ll get new areas, a new appearance, new animations, cosmetics, and load-outs. Not to mention crossplay, which will be enabled when the console beta begins on July 13.

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