Steelrising: What if the French Revolution was fought by robots?

Spiders, the developer behind the action RPG GreedFall, is back with another game that isn’t quite as crazy as it sounds, and IGN’s Summer of Gaming Expo just gave us our first in-engine look at it. What is it? It’s Steelrising, an action RPG in which the French Revolution is reimagined as the French Revolution, but with robots. In this scenario, Louis XVI has an army of automatons.

You’ll take on the role of Aegis, a revolutionary who, based on the teaser, I’m presuming is the rooftop runner. I’m getting a lot of Assassin’s Creed vibes from this little movie, but it’s difficult to infer much else from it. It’s everything extremely beautifully lighted, and not just because Paris is definitely on fire. I like the glitter on the cobblestones and all the detail visible in the darkness. Steelrising appears to be a good game! The notion appears to be a gimmick. Hopefully, it has more going on in terms of gameplay.

We’ll most likely find out shortly. Steelrising has no release date yet, although Spiders was asking for testers in March, so there’s surely plenty there to show off in further detail soon.

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