The finest E3 announcement was this Fallout: London mod.

Post-apocalyptic and Dick van Dyke fans, rejoice! If this was an actual game, it would have certainly dominated E3 coverage, but Fallout: London, a massive forthcoming mod for Fallout 4, looks like the bees’ knees sunlight.

Fallout London, described by its developers as “a DLC-sized mod,” transports the game from its normal American wasteland to the great city of 2237. The trailer’s beginning, cheerfully flicking the Vs at copyright law, contains Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll Meet Again,’ a song that is linked with World War II for the British and subsequently was viewed by others as symbolic of the nation’s collapse (for example in the work of Pink Floyd). Long-time Fallout fans may also notice a nod to the Fallout 3 unveiling, which was organized around getting off a bus.

The trailer for Fallout: London describes various factions, shows off sites such as Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, and is jam-packed with cockney rhyming language. The most fascinating faction is probably the idiots who dress up as crusade-era knights and swing swords at radiation monsters, which appears to be a very British approach to the post-apocalypse.

According to the developers “Visiting a completely different environment allows us to study completely other civilizations that have not been homogenized with their American equivalents. It also permits us to investigate pre-war European history and the implications of the Resource Wars on pre-war Britain’s class structure.”

More information on what these cultural differences entail, as well as the series staples that will be left behind, can be found on the mod’s official website. ” [The Forced Evolutionary Virus] has not arrived in any way, shape, or form in London. That implies no Super Mutants, Centaurs, Deathclaws, and most likely fewer Psykers than ever before.

“Vault-Tec is an exclusively American firm, therefore there will be no presence in London. We shall have a vault, but it will be nothing like Vault- Tec’s, save that it will be a refuge underneath the ground. So, Underground, don’t expect Better Living. Similarly, there will very certainly be a British counterpart to Vault Boy in the form of a famous mascot who will make frequent appearances.”

Please enroll me in the cockney Vault Boy. ‘Er, majesty hasn’t been heard from in years,’ according to the reveal trailer. Leaving aside the fact that no one expects to hear from Queen Elizabeth in 2237, the possibility of discovering the royal family as ghouls (and then blowing them away in VATs) is undoubtedly a selling point.

Fallout: London is rather large in terms of size “a simplified version of London centered on the major boroughs The global area is roughly the size of the vanilla Fallout 4 Commonwealth, and players will be able to explore anything from the center of Westminster to the rolling hills on the outskirts of Bromley.”

Despite the fact that it appears to be the business, Fallout: London does not yet have a release date. Without a doubt, we’ll be keeping our mince pies on this one.

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