The first boss fight in Bloodborne’s retro PC version is nasty.

Bloodborne PSX, Lilith Walther’s remake of the elusive From Software slasher, was looking good, though a touch raw, the last time we checked in. Six months later, the developer has provided us with a good look at Bloodborne’s gritty first steps on PC.

Walther showed a YouTube video of an early boss encounter with Father Gascoigne. The resolution is lower, the models are chunkier, and the audio is fuzzier, but it has brilliantly preserved the flavor of the FromSoft original. Even the introductory cutscene has been painstakingly reproduced in low-fidelity.

More significantly, while it seems to be a PS1 game, it does not appear to play like one. Walther looks to have mastered the original Bloodborne’s fast-paced fighting, evading strikes, refining parries, and smashing home with a well-timed counter.

Since the PlayStation exclusive’s release in 2015, many people have wished to play Bloodborne on PC. But, in a sense, I’m even more eager to see it arrive on desktops in this manner, wrapped in the aesthetics of a growing movement to bring back PS1-style graphics.

Walther admits that there are still animations to add and the infamous fog wall obstacle to create, so there is still plenty of work to be done. The full remake will also not reproduce the entirety of Bloodborne, with current intentions just to reconstruct up to the Gascoigne combat (or push towards Vicar Amelia, if things go well). Bloodborne PSX, on the other hand, will be free to download once completed.

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