The Garden Path: What living a cozy life should have been

The Garden Path, a wonderfully cozy-looking life sim from single developer carrotcake, will be released on PC later this year.

The game begins similarly to other slice-of-life sims: You begin a new life surrounded by nature, get to know the weird folks that share your space and pass the time peacefully fishing or gardening.

Time in The Garden Path moves at the rate of real-world time, so you can plant a few pansies before going tonight and wake up the next morning to find they’ve sprouted. A variety of people, such as a fisherman or a tea-brewer, may visit your corner of the woods from time to time.

The hand-drawn imagery is pretty beautiful, reminiscent of a moving landscape picture or a tale your mother would read to you as a child. The subdued color scheme contains a lot of earthy tones, giving it a comfortable, cottagecore-lite atmosphere.

It appears to be a pleasant and friendly environment, one in which you will be free to take your time. Cozy life sims have exploded in popularity in recent years: Stardew Valley, Cozy Grove, and the forthcoming Hokko Life are among the other standouts. I’m completely on board.

The Garden Path does not yet have a firm release date, but it is slated to hit Steam sometime in 2021.

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