The Invisible Hand: Big stonk simulator

We were all fairly engrossed by the latest GameStop stock market drama, and that brief bloodbath has undoubtedly raised the gaming community’s consciousness of Wall Street, short-selling, and stock manipulation.

The Invisible Hand, a stock market simulator from Power Struggle Games and publisher Fellow Traveller, comes at an opportune time. In this comedic, story-driven simulation, you play a stock trader beginning a new career at FERIOS, a company where profit comes before any other considerations (like, say, morality and the law). You will watch a semi-live action teaser above until you buy low and sell big.

If you can see from the teaser, this sim isn’t for the faint of heart. You’ll be able to rig the stock market by employing lobbyists to sway influential people, depress the economy in foreign countries to help firms who import from them, short-sell securities by secretly collecting insider trading tips, and do whatever else is necessary to make a buck for your business while pocketing a hefty commission.

You may have to be concerned with the public’s view of your dealings from time to time—too many victories in a row will start to look suspicious. So isn’t that what public relations is for? Any crisis, like the stock market, can be solved by tossing large sums of money at it.

The Invisible Hand will be available on Steam, GoG, and Humble on May 7. If you want to learn more, visit the official website.

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