The latest major update to GTA Online brings the va-va-vroom to Los Santos.

Rockstar has published a new teaser as well as information on GTA Online’s next big update, Los Santos Tuners, which will be available to all players on July 20. The major feature is a “gigantic” new social arena called the LS Car Meet, where players can show off their cars to one another, mod vehicles alongside one another, take up tasks from shady contacts, and, of course, race.

The club has a ‘good vibes only’ policy, which means firearms are prohibited, making it “a fantastic location to avoid the notice of the authorities and any small-time chumps.”

Players may spend GTA$50,000 to become an LS Car Meet member, which unlocks a new reputation system among other petrolheads and grants access to the Test Track, a location where players can “drive, drift, and race automobiles freely, without interference from bothersome pedestrians or the law.” A changing collection of fantasy automobiles is also available for testing here.

Membership also grants access to all of the club’s custom businesses, which include a retail shop, tattoo parlor, and the auto modding section, where you may mod vehicles in real-time while other players watch. You’ll be able to customize the meeting area once you’ve risen through the ranks.

The new race modes are divided between the club’s Test Track and Los Santos. The Test Track appears to be more about having fun with your friends, featuring brief head-to-head races, a Scramble mode in which players compete to gather 20 checkpoints and time trials with leaderboards. The Test Track can accommodate up to 30 people at once, however, contact is disabled during competition, and you may opt to make it private and play solitary.

The new Street Race Series and Pursuit Series in Los Santos are considerably more about straight-up and full-contact competition. The previous courses are constructed around Los Santos’ more urban sections, with tight shortcuts and tight bends, but the Pursuit series is more open-ended, with fewer checkpoints, because players are racing against each other while simultaneously being followed by the police. That does sound like a fantastic modal concept.

Finally, Sprint races are a point-to-point challenge for up to four drivers that entail racing to a certain GTA landmark from the LS car meet and then returning.

“from imported tuner vehicles from Annis, Dinka, √úbermacht, and more to that straight-up Vapid muscle that Americans have grown to know and love,” the site says. In total, 17 cars will be released this summer, with the first ten arriving on July 20. As usual, cosmetics and the like are included, and if you’re interested in those, Rockstar’s newswire page has the information.

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