A horrifying story of a shaman’s inheritance in the Isan region of Thailand. What could be possessing a family member might not be the Goddess they make it out to be. This film started out with a documentary style filmmaking. In my opinion, it is a good decision as it makes the film feels more realistic and closer to the audience as we are part of the story. The storyline is really familiar if you’re someone from the south east Asia region. Plus, the story about shamanism is very common among the people here. Nevertheless, it does not make this film feels cliché. Some of the horror scenes are really horrifying and hard to watch even as adult. The special effects used in this film are really well executed and some of them feel super realistic. It really makes you feel something while watching this. The main strength of this film is the casts. They played their roles to the perfection. At some point in this film, it doesn’t feel like they are acting anymore. But this film is that kind of film that doesn’t’ want to give you the satisfaction at the end of its story. Overall, 7/10. It is great, scary and surreal experience, but with a bad ending, well at least for me. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys Thailand horror flicks.

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