The most recent indie about crazy animals has penguin buddies conducting heists.

Maybe I’ve simply seen too many episodes of Wallace and Gromit, but it doesn’t take much to sell me on the concept of penguins committing crimes. That is the main focus of The Greatest Penguin Heist of All Time.

“One heist may need you to take boats full of fish, another may require you to steal precious works of art, and still another may ask you to abduct a coveted chef,” reads the shop page description, adding that it is up to the penguin to enter “loud or silent, lethal or non-lethal.” I appreciate and worry about the focus on “lethal versus non-lethal,” since I believe a penguin has the power to do murder if they so choose.

The stealth game is a four-player online co-op game with complete character customization. According to the clip, this includes hats, glasses, and even little coats, which are very adorable. The penguins also have “realistic penguin nooting,” as well as the less realistic (I hope) capacity to carry baseball bats around to thwack people with.

“Chaotic animal games” is a specialized genre, but it’s an excellent one. Untitled Goose Game was a smash hit, although it was preceded by Goat Simulator and Catlateral Damage. Sometimes you simply want to wreak havoc, and it’s even better if you can do it with your buddies.

The Greatest Penguin Heist of All Time is currently available on Steam Early Access for £11.39, with a 20 percent launch discount.

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