The new Teardown difficulty options allow you to unlock everything all at once.

Tuxedo Labs, the creator of Teardown, has published a nice update for the game, including accessibility and difficulty choices.

Six new choices have been introduced to the explosive heist game, which can make the game simpler or more challenging. “We have done our best to balance the difficulty in Teardown to what we believe is a suitable degree of effort,” according to the choices page. “You can make modifications here if you think the game is too challenging, too easy, or just want a more relaxing experience.”

There are two types of options: campaign and sandbox. The former provides choices for changing the game’s alarm time, raising or lowering ammunition, health, and completely skipping missions. Access to sandbox mode allows you to quickly unlock all levels and tools. There’s also a handy reminder of where your save file is, but no button to open that file location from within the game.

“I realize there are conflicting feelings about these kinds of options,” developer Dennis Gustafsson said in a tweet accompanying the introduction of the upgrade. “I’m personally grateful when games provide them, and there are many games that I would have stopped playing if they hadn’t.” Accessibility choices are just that: options, and it’s always wonderful when creators make it possible for more individuals to enjoy games.

Teardown is still in Early Access on Steam, and Gustafsson publishes development updates on Twitter on a regular basis. He recently demonstrated his scary stalker robots, which are a long way from being in the game but still gave our Nat the creeps. Still, it’s not as awful as when modders filled the game with spiders.

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