The new trailer for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One depicts a younger, more cool sleuth.

This gorgeous, atmospheric clip, revealed as part of today’s IGN Expo live, gives us a taste of the forthcoming Sherlock game, named simply Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. This is the latest game by Frogwares, whose previous Sherlock game, Crimes & Punishments, is one of the greatest detective games on PC in my opinion.

Frogwares has been developing Sherlock games for years, and though they’re often hit-or-miss, when they’re excellent, they’re fantastic. Let’s hope this new one is another success for the developer.

This game is a little unique. It’s totally situated on a beautiful Mediterranean island and stars a younger, cockier Sherlock. Frogwares appears to be expanding on the open-world concept of The Sinking City, a Lovecraftian take on the genre.

I’m a little concerned because it didn’t work out when the developer tried to make Sherlock colder and hotter in The Devil’s Daughter. But based on little I’ve seen of this, the first of an unknown number of chapters, it appears to be a lot more promising.

With games like Disco Elysium, Murder By Numbers, Paradise Killer, and Overboard, the murder mystery genre is seeing a revival on PC. So there’s never been a better moment for Frogwares to teach the rest of the world how it’s done. I’ll be getting my hands on an early build of the game next week, and I’ll be able to share my thoughts with you then.

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