The new XCOM is a mobile game that is available for free.

While Firaxis is probably hard at work on the rumored turn-based Marvel game, Iridium Starfish has soft-launched an official XCOM spin-off on the Google Play market. XCOM: Legends is still in production and only available in a few regions, but gameplay footage is already appearing on YouTube.

The first thing to note in XCOM: Legends is that it is played vertically. The second thing to note is that, while it is turn-based, the only movement or placement required is deciding which of your heroes to put undercover as they rush from one five-on-five fight to the next. Repositioning also has a five-turn cooldown.

XCOM: Legends is situated in the XCOM 2 timeframe, and numerous resistance faces appear between missions. During the lesson, you come upon an extraterrestrial technology known as the Archway. What exactly does this potent psychic tech do? In return for premium cash, you can summon legendary heroes or artifacts. XCOM: Legends is a gacha game in which you may augment your standard team with more powerful preset heroes.

When you’re not playing, the “Integrated Drone Looting Experience,” or IDLE for short, collects items and resources from the battlefield. Just penning this line has made me feel exhausted to the core.

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