The next Crusader Kings 3 patch will have fewer jester hats and ghostly children.

Crusader Kings 3 will receive a modest update this week, now in open beta on Steam and slated to release on June 22nd barring any significant flaws, that will address certain issues with the game’s major 1.4 patches. That patch was published on June 8th, and it included some fairly cool modifications, such as new hairstyles and headgear, as well as some game mechanics tweaks or anything, such as dynamic garrisons.

But there was a Jester’s Hat among those headgears. That headgear was being worn by far too many individuals. The other day, I noticed a complete family wearing that cap at the same time. The jester’s hat has been weakened: “The jester’s hat will be less trendy after 1300 and hence won’t be worn by the bulk of the characters any longer.”

Elaborate simulation games always receive the finest patch notes, and while Dwarf Fortress is the all-time champion, the Crusader Kings titles have given DF a run for its money throughout the years. Crusader Kings 3 is no exception.

Here are a couple more that I enjoy:

  • Fixed the possibility of the faith character list overflowing and killing the game due to dead individuals claiming to be living.
  • Characters having an opinion score of 80 or above will be removed from factions.
  • A youngster cannot make the decision to develop capital anymore.
  • Dead children should no longer appear at Meet Peers events.

Ghost children, you’re constantly attempting to show up when I’m meeting with my Peers. The complete 1.4.2 beta patch notes may be seen on the Crusader Kings 3 Forums.

More amusing patch notes may be found in the collection from March’s 1.3 patch, which is one of the finest so far for amusingly phrased patches.

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