The planetside missions in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey may now be shared with friends.

Bounty hunting is always more fun with friends, and with this week’s big Elite Dangerous: Odyssey update, you may now share the rewards of your planetside missions with the rest of your crew.

Odyssey’s Update 5 aligns land missions with space missions, allowing you to share gigs with your wing. All items and objectives will contribute to the same pool, and everyone will be eligible for the same prizes. On departure, the team leader will manage objective items, and things carried by colleagues who die during a mission can be recovered.

The fact that you couldn’t group up for heists together in this fashion at launch was a shocking oversight, one that should make ground-based escapades more appealing. But persuading those friends to fly around Odyssey in the first place should now be a little simpler.

Update 5 includes such a plethora of bug fixes that the patch notes have been divided into two sections on Steam. A full retuning of ship interior lighting, more forgiving AI guards and improved landscape detail on older planetside are among the major upgrades. However, the update includes nearly everything, from audio mixing and server enhancements to a genuinely enormous list of UI adjustments.

Odyssey was renowned for launching in shambles, prompting Frontier CEO David Braben to make an apology. Since then, the expansion has gotten numerous important bug-fixing upgrades, bringing it ever closer to completion. It’s simply a pity that, with doll-like NPCs and uninspired objectives, Odyssey’s major issues will need more than a new round of bug patches.

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