This adorable management sim appears to be Animal Crossing in a casino.

I haven’t played Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but I know it features a turnip-based stock market that acts somewhat similarly to gambling. However, Blooming Business: Casino appears to be taking the next natural step. In this delightful simulation, you plan, create, and manage a casino full with beautiful animal visitors.

What’s the harm? Just because an animal is adorable doesn’t imply it doesn’t have a vice or two.

You’ll be able to design a casino from the bottom up, starting with a blank piece of land and installing everything from slot machines and blackjack to eye-catching d├ęcor and facilities. Employ bartenders, cleaners, dealers, and security guards. Then open the doors and try to make a profit while dealing with customers who appear to be prone to brawls or excessive drinking.

Blooming Business: Casino has no release date, but a free trial will be available next week as part of Steam Next Fest.

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