This Fallout mod aspires to be the finest Star Wars game in the galaxy.

With complete conversion mod Star Wars Open Worlds, an ambitious modding crew is attempting to convert Fallout 76 into a vast multi-planet space opera.

While still in production, Star Wars Open Worlds debuted a new teaser earlier today, displaying an astonishingly diverse selection of locales, people, and events. Ships soaring over the skies of Coruscant. Declare war on Tatooine’s deserts. Imperial walkers pounding their way across exotic forests.

It’s all really stunning, albeit a little dependant on post-processing shaders. It’s not all spectacular action, though, as we see meetings in filthy underworlds and spit-shined Imperial starships.

According to the mod’s Itch website, Star Wars Open Worlds will have 12 planets to explore, several factions to join, NPC companions, and the ability to customize characters from diverse alien races in a tale set during “the very early years of the galactic empire.”

Karim Najib and Tank Girl444, the game’s creators, are setting some lofty goals, with no firm release date in sight. The Bethesda modding industry is also no stranger to excessively ambitious mod projects—if Disney doesn’t shut it down before then, this might be something we’re watching for a decade.

Exploring Star Wars from a Fallout viewpoint, on the other hand, is a fantastic pitch. If you want to keep up with the latest developments, the modders will periodically publish updated videos on YouTube.

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