This year’s best Sonic game is Minecraft, apparently

Sonic’s next big game may not be released until 2022. But, in the meanwhile, the blue blur is ripping a patch across Minecraft as part of Mojang’s 30th Anniversary DLC for the blocky sandbox.

This isn’t Minecraft’s first crossover, but it could be one of the more daring. Whereas the majority of these packs contain a themed world, Mojang has made an honest-to-hedgehog Sonic game, building what appears to be a mechanism to procedurally create 3D Sonic maps—loop-de-loops and everything.

There are rings and power-ups to gather, speed boosts and bounce maps to throw you about the area, monsters to stomp on, and a variety of biomes to explore, ranging from toxic plants to the series’ classic chequerboard hills (which, admittedly, fit quite well with Minecraft’s blocky appearance).

Having said that, Sonic and his buddies look awfully strange all Minecraft’d up like this. The painters certainly put in a lot of time and effort to create this piece, but I’ll never get over your man’s cuboid spines. Those items couldn’t damage a fly, let alone an egg-shaped supervillain.

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