Time loop FPS Lemnis Gate gets a release date

The competitive FPS Lemnis Gate, which takes place in a 25-second time loop, now has an official release date. Ratloop Games Canada stated during the PC Gaming Show 2021 that the mind-bending shooter would be released on August 3. In July, there will also be an open beta, which should help us figure out how the game works.

According to game director James Anderson, Lemnis Gate is about living out an operator’s life for 25 seconds and then layering in another duplicate of yourself when the time loop restarts. “For example, I could dash down a corridor and detonate a grenade, killing one of your agents. However, in the next round, you may intercept my operator before he throws the explosive.”

As the time loops go (there are ten in all for the normal team deathmatch mode), the battlefield fills up with these prior versions of yourself working together to fulfill objectives.

The notion set the cogs in my mind going as I considered the different applications for the time loop. In a follow-up conversation, I asked 3D artist Corey Kasperski if it’s conceivable to get killed, then use the next loop to avoid that kill, then use the next loop to avoid that kill, and so on. He stated that this has occurred in previous battles, but the layout of Lemnis Gate’s modes seemed to prevent this type of one-note playstyle. To make the most of your limited time, you’ll need to spread out and select your battles.

I also inquired whether it is a viable playstyle to shoot at a location in the past that you believe an adversary may infringe into in the future. It is, and Kasperski indicated that depending on the circumstances, it may be a viable tactic. I’ll have to try that strategy when the open beta begins next month.

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