Time-looping murder mystery The Forgotten City is now available.

The Forgotten City is a murder mystery for a whole city: when one person sins, everyone dies in an ancient Roman colony. If you want that weight off your shoulders, it’s out today.

When one sin has such intense and irreversible consequences—at least for everyone except the player who is safe in their time loop—there is intense anxiety and secrecy about what constitutes a sin, as Edwin explores in his review: “Every character in the game, from closet Christians to household slaves, is preoccupied with these questions and filled with dread about the actions of other characters who hold different beliefs or value systems. And, looming over it all, that temple, a suffocating sentinel that, far from instilling a spirit of friendliness, puts everyone on the verge of civil war.”

While based on the Skyrim mod of the same name, The Forgotten City is completely recreated, with new characters, missions, endings, and surprises for Skyrim fans. For the rest of us, there’s a time loop to discover, twenty-three murders to solve, and historically realistic food-based worldbuilding to enjoy.

The Forgotten City is available on Steam for £17.54 at launch.

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