Tribes of Midgard, a co-op Viking action coming this July

Tribes of Midgard existed before we’d ever heard of Valheim. It’s a co-op Viking survival game for up to ten people, although it may also be played solo. Its randomly created planet is teeming with monsters from Norse mythology. You may explore the realm, combat creatures, create stuff, and construct a fantastic Viking fortress.

That all seems very Valheim-like to me. Tribes of Midgard, on the other hand, has been in production for a long, with open beta sessions as far back as 2019, and there are some fascinating changes here, such as character classes for your Vikings, strong powers, and seasonal events. Maybe Valheim stole some of its thunder by publishing first, but I think everyone who likes Valheim (and we’re talking millions of people) will be interested in checking out Tribes of Midgard. I most certainly am.

Your Vikings are attempting to avert Ragnarök or the end of the world. Frost Giants and other strong beings are attempting to reach Asgard for the ultimate battle, but their path leads them via the human world. By day, you explore the environment, fighting creatures, gathering resources, and crafting gear, while at night, you defend your Viking town against invading legions. It sounds like a cross between Fortnite’s Save The World game and Minecraft’s tower defense game.

In any case, it looks really excellent. You can also fist-bump your buddies. Is Valheim capable of saying that? Tribes of Midgard will be available on PC on July 27. If you’ve made any friends from all the Valheim you’ve been playing this winter, gather them and get ready.

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