Ubisoft would sooner remove Might and Magic 10 from the market than solve its DRM concerns.

Ubisoft stated in April that Might and Magic X: Legacy servers will be shut down. However, because the shutdown disabled the game’s stringent DRM protection, the 2014 RPG became entirely unplayable, and Ubisoft has now decided to remove it from Steam rather than fix its issues.

Following the closure on June 1st, Might and Magic gamers discovered that they were not only unable to access the game’s DLC, but they were also unable to continue past Act 1. Despite this, Ubisoft continued to sell both the game and paid extras, resulting in a major reaction on the Steam forums and largely unfavorable reviews.

At the time, a Ubisoft representative informed us that the company was “aware of and examining the identified concerns.” Unfortunately, the resolution appears to be removing the game altogether off Steam, with the listing now stating that the game is no longer available for purchase due to the publisher’s request.

That, luckily, means that no one else will be taking up the broken RPG anytime soon. Existing Might and Magic gamers, on the other hand, are left with a broken game that they may never play again.

I’ve contacted Ubisoft for an update on Might and Magic X’s future.

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