Valheim’s Hearth and Home upgrade will allow you to amass a large number of gold coins.

Valheim, the co-op Viking survival game, has been rather quiet recently. The last minor update to improve monster AI was released on July 1, and there hasn’t been a word from the devs since. However, Iron Gate Studios has returned from its summer hiatus with some fresh information regarding the impending Valheim Hearth & Home update, as well as other studio-related news.

All you eager Vikings should inspect your forts and begin designing a new expansion. When Hearth and Home are released, you’ll want a lovely new treasure chamber ready to be loaded with riches, because you’ll be able to showcase all of your gold. Heap your money into gold coin mounds, exactly like trolls, and construct towering, dazzling coffins.

Instead of storing your riches in a dull wooden box or heaped on the floor, the update includes a new treasure chest that will allow you to show off your amazing fortune in elegance. An iron grating will also be craftable, allowing you to lock away your riches and only allow other Vikings to look through the bars. Take a look but don’t touch.

That seems like fun, but I suppose the reason we all have stockpiles of coins is that there isn’t much to purchase from Valheim’s dealer, Haldor. In addition to accumulating our money, we’re hoping that Hearth & Home or some future update will provide us something fresh to spend them on.

When it comes to the release date of Hearth & Home, the developers say they’re “still on schedule to deliver the update this very quarter, and as usual, thank you for your compassion and patience.”

There’s also some heartening news, which suggests that Valheim updates will be more regular now that the small five-person firm has acquired extra help. Next month, a new programmer, animator, and quality assurance manager will start. It’s always exciting when a co-op crew gains a few more members.

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